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Rehab Plus Education Sessions!

Are you suffering with osteoarthritis of hip, knee or back?


Check out the educational webinars below! 


Throughout May and June 2021 Mukul and Marianne provided 4 free information sessions to the general public and health practitioners that discussed the benefits of an active rehabilitation program for sufferers of knee, hip and back osteoarthritis.

The sessions were informed by current research and the GLA:D Program course that Mukul, Marianne and Sam have undertaken. GLA:D is an evidence based active rehabilitation program for osteoarthritis treatment that has global recognition.

The sessions are also included in the education element of our Rehab Plus for OA program. This program is designed to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and these sessions aid in informing members of the program, improving their understanding and subsequently their results.


Research has shown patient education regarding OA can significantly improve patient outcomes. To help raise awareness in the community, we ran one hour education workshops as part of the Rehab Plus Program. These education sessions are a way of increasing awareness among the health community about OA, and allowing those that experience these symptoms to understand what we can do to help them. 

These sessions covered:

  • – Understanding of Osteoarthritis as a whole joint problem
  • – ‘How the Right loading can help the joint function’
  • – How & Why exercises (Rehab Plus exercises in particular) are helpful with OA
  • – An opportunity for attendees to get their questions answered on the day…!

A video copy of one of these webinars is included below… feel free to give it a watch if you are interested! Also, we have extensive education material related to OA and these webinars which we are happy to provide you! Feel free to get in touch on 8221 5011 or via email at if you are interested! 


                                                                                                       Want to join?

If you would like to participate in the Rehab Plus for OA program at Therapia, you will need to start by booking your Initial Assessment with one of our trained physiotherapists.

You can book through the online booking link below, by calling us on 8221 5011, or via email at

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