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Free Your Spine From Neck & Back Pain!

Are you someone with back or neck pain looking to ‘reduce your pain’ or ‘learn more about your condition’?


Check out the educational webinars below! 


You will learn:

  • – The truth about back/neck pain!

  • – Treatments that don’t work!

  • – Secrets about your scans/MRI…!

  • – 3 tips for your back/neck pain…!


Lower back pain (LBP) and neck pain are both very big issues amongst the health and physiotherapy fraternity, and extensive evidence has shown that greater education about these conditions can significantly improve outcomes for patients!

To help combat this, Therapia Physio & Pilates ran four FREE online webinars across October and November 2021, designed to help raise awareness within the health community and community at large, two focussing on the lower back and two focussing on cervical/neck issues!




Why understand Lower back pain..?

These statistics show how large an issue LBP is amongst the community:

  • – Lower back pain (LBP) is very common (about 85% of the population on earth will have at least 1 episode of Severe LBP in their life..!)
  • – LBP accounts for > 25% of all workcover claims
  • – It is the 5th most common reason for a Doctor visit
  • – LBP is more common than high blood pressure and diabetes
  • – In people over 65 with chronic pain, 70% nominated LBP as the cause of their pain


The REALITY is that ‘most cases of LBP can be managed well’ and patients can recover fully, provided they get timely diagnosis and treatment!

We recognise the impact LBP has on the wider community and are taking steps to help raise awareness with health practitioners and the community at large.

As such, two webinars were run on the Lumbar Spine and LBP will be conducted on the 20th and 23rd of October 2021!

The session which was run on the 23rd of October is included below for your reference! Feel free to give it a watch and get in touch if you have any queries!

This sessions covers:

    • – Understanding of ‘how our lower back moves’: which movements are helpful and which movements can be harmful?
    • – How you can help yourself if you are dealing with a back pain episode!
    • – How we can maintain and improve our back strength and flexibility through simple exercises!
    • – Dos and Don’ts to maintain a healthy back!
    • – How we can reduce the reliance on pain medications during an LBP episode..!




Why understand Neck pain..?

It has been shown that:

  • – 26% of the population have neck pain in any year
  • – 48% of the population have neck pain in their lifetime
  • – Neck pain affects people more frequently than back pain
  • – Neck pain often doesn’t full settle and can continue to be an issue

Neck pain can be managed quite well and those affected can often make full recovery:  if the condition is recognised early, all the factors causing the problem can be treated well…!

To try and help combat this issue, we are endeavouring to increase awareness about cervical issues and neck pain, within both the health and wider communities!

To help with this, we ran two webinars on the Cervical Spine on the 10th and 13th of November!

The session which was run on the 13th of November is included below for your reference! Feel free to give it a watch and get in touch if you have any queries!


This sessions covers:

  • – Why neck problems are so common!
  • – What you can do to help yourself when having neck pain!
  • – How we can improve your neck strength and flexibility through simple movements!
  • – Dos and Don’ts to maintain a healthy neck!



I had Neck/Back pain many years ago and it never went away… can it still be helped…?

In most cases, it can be helped… at least the pain can be managed with less or no medications and/or the movement can be improved!

It all starts with ‘understanding your problem’ first…!

I have already had surgery for my Neck/Back…! Can it still be helped…?

In most cases, YES…!

People with ‘post surgery’ benefit from ‘understanding their condition’ and ‘learn what to do/don’t’ as much as someone who may have a ‘mild problem’ and has never seen a surgeon…!

Can I request more information?

Yes, sure… 🙂

We would love to help, if we can in any way possible.

If possible, do send us your queries/request for information via and we will endeavour to provide the requested information, if we have access to it.

Will all my questions get answered…?

We will certainly try our best to answer as many questions as we practically can and ethically permitted.

If still there are some questions that need to be covered after the webinar, you are more than welcome to  send us your questions via 

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you

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