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Dry Needling


As the name suggests, dry needling involves the insertion of a needle into knots in the body’s muscle tissue. While this technique may sound painful, it can actually be an effective way to relieve pain, as well as reducing muscle tension and increasing the blood flow around an affected area.

How Does it Work?
Like Acupuncture, dry needling and Westerm Acupuncture relies on the insertion of needles. However, when examined closely, the two therapies are very different; in fact dry needling is based on Western scientific thinking and is at the forefront of modern Physiotherapy practice.

Dry Needling has been developed to treat muscle inflammation and damaged tissue. When muscles become overactive, they can develop trigger points – areas of pressure which can become extremely tight and sore.

When the needle is inserted, it unlocks the trigger point and improves mobility, while improving blood flow to the affected area.

Western Acupuncture could be renamed ‘acupuncture for physios’ in that it is used to treat musculoskeletal conditions by inserting acupunture needles into traditional acupuncture points. Western acupuncture tends to be a more superficial treatment than traditional acupuncture that focuses on restoring energy or ‘Qi’ to the body. Recent research has shown that this creates local, segmental, spinal and supraspinal effects for pain modulation.

                                                           Learn more about the uses of dry needling in our recent article!

Dry Needling at Therapia
Therapia offers Dry Needling and Western Acupuncture as part of its range of treatments, and we can recommend this solution to help with a range of issue from headaches to muscle spasms, tendinitis to tennis elbow, shoulder to back pain.

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