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Community Engagement

Raising awareness for healthcare professionals and the general public has been a major focus of ours for a number of year now. We achieve this by running highly focused publicly available events that include informative presentations and a series of activities and exercises to begin the teaching and treatment process for the selected focus (spinal flexibility, osteoarthritis, etc.)

All profits from these events are donated to charities or community organisations that we feel make an outstanding positive contribution. These include the CFS, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the Spinal Research Institute (SRI).

Sweat for CFS

Sweat for CFS was run to raise money for the brave country firefighters during the terrible bushfires in early 2020. Vani ran a restorative yoga and deep meditation session to begin and Mukul ran a strength and flexibility class afterwards. We raised $500 for the CFS and hopefully imparted some practical knowledge to those who attended.

Stretch for a Healthy Spine

Stretch for a healthy spine was run in early 2021 with a focus on relieving back pain and stiffness through exercises and stretching. Mukul ran two sessions during the morning that allowed for both a discussion of back problems as well as the demonstration of exercises to help deal with a range of symptoms. All proceeds went to SAHMRI and SRI.

Yoga for Youth

Yoga for Youth was a month long program run in early 2021 by Sam and Mukul aimed at young people aged between 8 and 18. 

Sam ran Yoga session which focused on increasing body awareness, flexibility and posture through a series of tailored exercises and routines suitable for a broad range of abilities and experience levels. 

The Strength and Flexibility classes run by Mukul helped to develop basic fitness skills and flexibility, both of which are extremely useful in improving one’s overall fitness and health. 

City-Bay Training

In 2019 the team at Therapia helped to organise, develop and run a 12-week training program to help members of the public get in the best shape possible for the annual City-Bay. It was also open for those who had no interest in entering the City-Bay. 

The 12 week program was comprehensive and flexible as it included 1 guided fitness training session per week as well as 2 physiotherapy consultations, a dietitian consultation, an individualised diet and home exercise program as well as access to a support network.

Online Posture and Strength + Flexibility Sessions

With the disruption to all of our schedules caused by the July 2021 lockdown Mukul and Sam have decided to venture into the world of online exercise classes.

Mukul ran two classes during that week:

The first was run on the 26th of July and was focused on preventing pain caused by long periods of sitting like many of us experienced when working from home.

The second session was a strength and flexibility class similar to the classes usually offered in person at Therapia, focusing on mat pilates, yoga and developing whole body strength and flexibility. 

Recordings of all of the sessions are available on our Facebook page!

Young Enabled Stroke Survivors

Lauren has recently undertaken a research project focused on helping Young Enabled Stroke Survivors  for her Physio degree. 

As part of her project Therapia and UniSA partnered together to provide a practical exercise session for Lauren and a number of young stroke survivors to help demonstrate the effectiveness of Clinical Pilates and evaluate the barriers to community exercise participation and identifying the knowledge gaps for Health Professionals to provide better access to this health service. 

The feedback was very positive and the session opened our eyes to how stroke survivors can benefit from a customised exercise program, such as Pilates. We are incorporating this approach into our ongoing treatment portfolio.

We were extremely glad to have been able to be apart of this amazing project and look forward to all Lauren will achieve in what is sure to be an amazing physio career!