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Customised Physiotherapy Treatment that will help you restore your Strength, Mobility and Function

At Therapia, our approach to therapy is designed to be as specific and sympathetic as possible. Our team of Physiotherapists, Therapists and support staff take a holistic approach to identify the source of your limitation or pain, and deliver a solution which works with you as well as for you. We don´t just target problem areas; we take your whole body into account when making a diagnosis.

Our mission is to restore or maintain your strength, mobility and function. We do this by developing a customised treatment program where we can work with you to restore as much of your function and capabilities as possible.

We use a dynamic approach, combining functional exercise and hands-on manual techniques. Our methods are backed by advanced clinical research and we strive to provide long-term solutions targeting and treating your problem area.

Methods we utilise in our practice

Some of the methods we may use in your treatment include:

  • Guided therapeutic activities and exercises, including Pilates
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Strain and counter-strain techniques
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Hands-on massage
  • The Franklin Method of improving flexibility (
  • The McKenzie Method to treat back and neck pain (
  • Dry Needling and western acupuncture

If you’re suffering with an injury, try our Physiotherapy Treatment

At Therapia we look at the whole body, not just the hotspot for pain or inconvenience. Integrating hands-on treatment techniques with exercises designed to encourage active movement, our approach is designed to be innovative but not invasive. We aim to provide long-term improvement and our ultimate goal is to help you with lifelong vitality.

To express your interest or to find out more about our Physiotherapy treatments in Adelaide, please phone 08 8221 5011 or email us at

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you

About us

Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health, quickly and easily. We thoroughly evaluate & treat all of the contributing root factors related to your issue. This includes, but is not

Our Services

  • Pilates
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work Injuries

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