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Punchpass: Our New Class Booking System

We have recently reassessed how our ongoing exercise class bookings are managed and are moving our classes over to a new software called Punchpass to optimise the booking experience and payment process. An emphasis has been placed on providing more choices to you, thus in addition to the pass model which many of you would be accustomed to, you will also have access to a membership model which will provide more flexibility for you.


Benefits of Punchpass:


Punchpass is a software which allows you to be in control of your own bookings and payments. You will have access to some exciting features and benefits, including:


  • Booking sessions online or directly on your phone/tablet via the Punchpass app. 

  • Easily rescheduling or cancelling an appointment if you are unable to attend (you don’t have to drop an email or voice message and wait for someone to call back!).

  • Seamless online payment for your classes (no more waiting in the queue at the reception!). 

  • Adding classes directly into your preferred calendar on your phone or computer. 

  • Adding yourself to waitlists and getting notified as soon as a spot becomes available. 

  • More flexibility in how and when you schedule your classes. 



New options for classes and passes:  


We are really excited to offer you more options and flexibility in how you organise your fitness schedule, starting from the 1st of July 2022. Our payment options are also being updated (again as of the 1st of July) as we move over to Punchpass to include both Class pass and membership options, both with their unique advantages and features.


The list of various Class passes, Membership options their features and benefits are included below:


Class passes: 


A Class pass will allow you to book yourself into a number of classes at once. For example, a Flexi 12 class pass will enable you to book 12 classes of your choice over a 3 month period.


Class pass options: 


Starter – 5 class pass: Perfect for those starting their pilates journey

This pass is a great option for those who are just starting pilates classes as they get into a rhythm and find out what times best fit in their schedule. 


The Starter pass is also useful for those who have a changing roster and can find time sporadically to work on their health and fitness.


Investment: $149 

Validity: 1 month

Can be used for Clinical Exercise Classes 


Performance – 8 class pass: For those who are committed to their strength, conditioning and rehab goals


This pass is a great option for those who want to secure regular class spots and are looking to make consistent progress on improving their strength and conditioning or furthering their rehabilitation.


Investment: $220 

Validity: 1 month

Can be used for Clinical Exercise Classes or Strength and Flexibility Classes.


Flexi – 12 class pass: If you want more flexibility and the security of having a consistent spot that suits you! 


This pass has a much longer validity, meaning that you can more easily accommodate for life events. This pass is also a cost effective way to continue your practice consistently.


Investment: $340 

Validity: 3 months

Can be used for Clinical Exercise Classes or Strength and Flexibility Classes.


Casual pass

This pass is ideal for people who are dropping-in and for those who are finding what works best for them before picking from the other passes or membership options.


Investment: $35


Strength and Flexibility Classes:


There are 2 options for Strength and Flexibility classes. 

Casual visits will be priced at $26. 

10 class passes will be priced at $220 and will be valid for 4 months.


Benefits of Class passes: 

  • Secure your preferred class times 

  • Pick whatever option suits you best

  • No lock-in contract

  • Book and attend classes in accordance with your schedule

  • Perfect for those on a variable roster, doing shift work or travelling regularly

  • For example on a Starter 5 class pass you could attend 3 classes one week, one class the next week and one the week after.

Membership plan: 


A membership plan will enable you to book the allocated number of classes per week over a period of 12 weeks. For example a person on the Ultimate Membership can book any 3 classes (i.e: 2 clinical exercise classes and one strength and flexibility class) per week for a period of 12 weeks. 


Membership plan options: 


Essential Membership – 2 classes per week: The essential membership option for those who are committed to their health and fitness and working towards their goals! 


This membership gives you access to all the classes at a significantly reduced rate and with the freedom to book in a manner that suits you the most.  


Investment: $49 per week

Period: 12 weeks

Can be used for Clinical Exercise Classes or Strength and Flexibility Classes.


Ultimate Membership – 3 classes per week: The ultimate membership option for those who prioritise their health and fitness! 


This membership gives you access to all the classes at the cheapest rate per class and with the freedom to book in a manner that suits you the most.  


Investment: $69 per week

Period: 12 weeks

Can be used for Clinical Exercise Classes or Strength and Flexibility Classes.


Benefits of Membership:

  • Make a 3 month commitment to your health, fitness and wellbeing   

  • Secure a spot for yourself in your preferred classes and preferred days/times for up to 3 months in advance

  • Keep the flexibility to reschedule your classes if you need, with sufficient notice  

  • This option gives you the most savings per class

  • In addition to class savings you will get an additional 5% discount on Therapia services such as Physiotherapy sessions and 1:1 Review sessions.  

Please Note: usual private health rebates are still applicable in all cases. This rebate will vary between private health providers and the level of cover.


For example: 

The casual attendance rate is $35. As an estimation, a health fund may cover $12, so the gap will be $23 per class.  


Alternatively if you were on the Essential Membership plan, which has a per class cost of  $24.50, using the same $12 rebate from your health fund the gap would be only $12.50 per class. 


Setting up Punchpass


To access our class schedule, make bookings and payments you will need to have a Punchpass account, which you can easily setup through one of the following links: 


Access through computer browser:                

Access through mobile app:  

Video tutorial: 

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions


NB: When creating your account please use the same email as we have linked to your file (i.e. the email which we send any communication to) – please let us know if you would like us to update this!


The software will then prompt you through all the steps to both organise your bookings and process any payments. All our class bookings will be moving over to Punchpass on Friday the 1st of July, so we encourage you all to create your account and make some bookings before then to try to make the transition process as smooth as possible! 


If you would like help setting up your account, please bring a device into one of your sessions and one of our admin staff will be able to guide you through the process. We will also prepare step-by-step guides of the setup and booking process and make these available in due course. 


Transition of existing class credit: 


For those who have existing credit on their accounts, this credit will be manually moved over to Punchpass when the system upgrades. Punchpass will allow you to book any sessions once it has been updated with this credit. Please bear with us as we upgrade the system and get in touch with us if you need any help. 


Please note: For clients who purchase a pass before the 1st of July, the old prices will still be honoured for the rest of that pass, with the new prices coming into effect when your account is next due after the 1st of July.



The last few years have created a new dynamic for clinics around the world, and as a business we are doing our absolute best to continue offering high quality services throughout the COVID pandemic and beyond.


At times, it has been challenging to continue running the classes. We have worked hard to find ways of continuing to provide these services that you love and benefit from. We are confident that you will enjoy the independence and flexibility that the new system brings to you. 


Our ultimate aim is always to help as many people in our community strive towards health and happiness, and we appreciate your support in helping us achieve this.  


A lot of thought and deliberation has gone into these changes and we are always trying to refine and improve our services and structures. If you have any feedback at all regarding any of the above changes, please feel free to get in touch by calling us on 8221 5011 or emailing us at




Mukul & The Therapia Team