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Punchpass FAQ

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect with Punchpass, . If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us by phone on 8221 5011 or via email: . We are here to help!

Punchpass is a software which allows you to be in control of your own bookings and payments. You will have access to some exciting features and benefits, including:


  • Booking sessions online or directly on your phone/tablet via the Punchpass app. 
  • Easily rescheduling or cancelling an appointment if you are unable to attend (you don’t have to drop an email or voice message and wait for someone to call back!).
  • Seamless online payment for your classes (no more waiting in the queue at the reception!). 
  • Adding classes directly into your preferred calendar on your phone or computer. 
  • Adding yourself to waitlists and getting notified as soon as a spot becomes available. 
  • More flexibility in how and when you schedule your classes. 

You will need to create a Punchpass account, which you can do through this link: If you would like a hand just ask our admin team, or watch the video ( )

You will also need to have an active pass or membership before you try to book yourself in.

You can access via any web browser:   

Or you can download the Punchpass mobile app through the following link:

You can book for as many classes as the payment has been settled for (OR in the case of an automatically renewing membership the system assumes the automatic payment will go through and therefore you can book your allotted number of classes per period for the 12 weeks of the membership).

If a class that you want to book into is full there will be an option to add yourself to a waitlist. This waitlist is automated – when a person cancels out of that class everyone on the waitlist will be sent an email with a link to book into that class.

You can more easily cancel your classes with Punchpass. All you need to do is go to the reservation you want to reschedule/cancel and click the “Move or Cancel Reservation” button. That will give you the option to reschedule into any class with an open spot or cancel the class.


There is still the option of calling, emailing or talking to reception if you prefer.

While the system is being set up we can manually transfer some of the bookings if needed (up to the 16th of July. It is best if you take control of your bookings as soon as possible to secure your preferred class time and day. 

We will honour any remaining credit you have, and it will be rolled over to Punchpass on the 1st of July. We will continue to charge you at the same rate per class for the remainder of that pass.

All online payments will be completed through Stripe, which allows you to pay with debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can still pay in person if you prefer.

All classes will still be eligible for private health rebates. We will continue to provide you with a printout or an email of your account statement to allow you to claim from your healthcare provider.

All late cancellations (< 24 hours) and non-attendances for class bookings will be treated and billed as an attended class as a spot was secured for that booking. Thus, any late cancellation or non-attendance will attract the same fees as a normal class based on your payment plan.

You can book and attend a makeup class during the week based on your active pass or membership, as long as the pre-booked class is cancelled with enough notice as per the late notice and cancellation policy.

You can find a full list of passes and memberships at the link below: 

Membership plans are for 12 weeks that provide you with significant benefits and fee reductions. Please make sure that a membership is right for you before selecting your plan. Once signed up for the membership model, it will run for the duration of the plan.

If you are paying online, Stripe will save your card information and will automatically apply the weekly rate. You can choose which day of the week your membership will start, which will be the day you are billed and the day that your class credits refresh.

If someone prefers to pay for their membership in the clinic they can do so by paying for 3 months in advance to secure their preferred class times and days.

We encourage everyone to select the plan that works best for them and allows them to make the most of the classes available to them. In an unlikely event where someone is unable to use their credit, it will be considered forfeit.

Yes, the admin team and practitioners are always available to help with anything. In terms of bookings, rescheduling and cancellations you will be able to do that yourself through your Punchpass account.