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Grad Physio PD/Mentoring Sessions

Here at Therapia Physio & Pilates we are committed to engaging with the wider community, and doing our bit to contribute to the progression of the careers of many aspiring physios and health practitioners. Helping physio students and recent physio graduates is a real passion of Mukul’s, which he has demonstrated through his previous work as a Clinical supervisor and mentor for physiotherapy graduates at UniSA. 

To continue this work in teaching and mentoring the new generation of physiotherapists, Mukul will be offering an extended series of 10 FREE sessions for physios to upskill and learn more about how they can grow their careers. 

As part of these sessions, Mukul will cover hands-on skills, consult structure, communication skills and Private Practice Life. There will be six face-to-face sessions, each 45 minutes in length, with each session having a specific focus as outlined below:

  • Session 6 (30th September): Practical and writing skills: How to undertake an initial assessment + effectively summarise a patient’s assessment and management plan. How to write informative articles to help educate patient population. Unfortunately we were unable to record this session.
Following on from the first 6 presentations we have organised a range of guest speakers across the industry to each take a session focused on an area of their expertise. These 4 sessions will be run every Thursday from 6:00-7:00 pm beginning on the 7th of October and running until the 28th of October.

  • Session 8 (14th October): Kunal Shah from Orthotics SA: Kunal is a senior orthotist at Modbury hospital, a physio at Physiointegrated and the Director of Orthotics SA. Kunal is an expert on all things orthotics and their prescription.
  • Session 9 (21st October): Harmeet Singh from Olympic Sports Clinic: Harmeet is the Director and Principal Physio at Olympic Sports Clinic and is a well respected member of the industry. He is well regarded for helping people with complex issues and picking up on what we call red flags.
  • Session 10 (28th October): Michael Rizk from IMoveU: Michael is THE go-to guru for new grad physios as he excels in teaching communication and business skills as well as helping professionals to define their career goals and achieve success.


Fill in the Google form below to request a topic you would love to be covered to get the most out the sessions:

Full details for the sessions are as follows:

  • Thursdays starting from 7th of October
  • Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm (PLEASE NOTE – TIME HAS CHANGED)
  • Structure: 45 minute structured session + 15 minute Q + A
  • Location: Therapia Physio and Pilates: 25 North Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Who is it appropriate for:

  • Final year physio students
  • Recent graduates (1 to 3 years out)
  • Physios with a few years of experience looking to get help with professional skills
What are these sessions aimed at doing:
  • Helping new graduates and new physios by answering the questions that they struggle to ask, struggle to get an answer to, or things they need to know
  • Providing a head start for new grads and giving clarity for new physios
  • Helping to refine assessment and management skills in clinical practice
  • Helping to prepare new graduates and new physios to be ready for private practice with the right mind set
What these sessions are NOT:
  • A shortcut to being an expert – you need to practice and be patient
  • An avenue to promote our practice (there are better ways of doing this…)
  • A space to ask personal questions or make decisions about life and career (although we are happy to provide some advice, if needed!)
  • Going to convert you into a great physio, team player and human… rather give you some of the tools you need to get there!
About the Presenter:
  • Mukul is our principal physiotherapist and has been practicing for over 21 years!
  • He has also been involved with UniSA as a Clinical Supervisor and mentor for physiotherapy graduates, an experience he thoroughly enjoys and considers it a commitment to teach the new generation of physiotherapists!
  • Click here to learn more about Mukul’s work and career
To book a spot in the sessions, either fill out the Google Form linked above, or click on the online booking link below (and go to ‘Group Sessions’ -> ‘3. PD Sessions’). 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 8221 5011 or sending us an email at!

We look forward to seeing you there!