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Community Engagement Events

Young Enabled Stroke Survivors - 2021

Young Enabled Stroke Survivors and their quality of life has recently received much needed attention from the medical community. A huge portion of young Australian stroke survivors have unfulfilled needs across health, everyday living, leisure activities, employment and finance. Moreover, young stroke survivors have lower levels of physical activity in community-living, when compared to young adults with other chronic health conditions involving the musculoskeletal or cardiovascular systems. Our very own Lauren recognised this need and decided to take up this area as a research project as a part of her Physio degree.

Lauren’s project mainly focused on improving the quality of life of Young Enabled Stroke Survivors (YESS) through Clinical Pilates.

As part of her project Therapia and UniSA partnered together to provide a practical exercise session for Lauren and a number of young stroke survivors to help demonstrate the effectiveness of Clinical Pilates and evaluate the barriers to community exercise participation and identifying the knowledge gaps for Health Professionals to provide better access to this health service. 

Lauren held a group pilates session at the studio in which she, Mukul and Marianne developed individualised programs for a number of YESS. 

The feedback was very positive and the session opened our eyes to how stroke survivors can benefit from a customised exercise program, such as Pilates. We are incorporating this approach into our ongoing treatment portfolio.

We were extremely glad to have been able to be apart of this amazing project and look forward to all Lauren will achieve in what is sure to be an amazing physio career.

Online Exercise Classes - 2021

With the disruption to all of our schedules caused by the July 2021 lockdown Mukul and Sam have decided to venture into the world of online exercise classes.

Session 1 (26th July): Free up your spine at your desk! 

In this session Mukul demonstrated a number of simple stretches to do at your desk (while staying at your work station) for those working from home or office. Mukul also went through some simple tips for your workplace, helping to prevent injury and pain sustained when working at a desk for long periods.

Session 2 (Tuesday 27 July): Online Strength + Flexibility class. 

The strength + flexibility class was similar to the classes usually offered in person at Therapia with a greater emphasis on mat pilates + yoga, as well as a focus on on developing whole body strength and full body flexibility! 

Recordings of both of the sessions are available to watch on our Facebook page or by following the links above!

Stretch for a Healthy Spine - 2021

On the 21st of February Therapia conducted a combined educational and charity event focused on spinal health and flexibility that was available to health practitioners and the public. 

The event consisted of a one hour yoga session and a one hour Strength and Flexibility session. Both sessions focused on improving spinal flexibility as well as core strength and balance through a series of stretches and poses instructed by our physios. The sessions also worked on developing breathing control and creating an inner stillness.

The sessions were designed in such a way that they would be suitable for all with basic to advanced abilities. Any prior medical history was also taken into account by our physios as they ran the event, demonstrating and explaining exercises that could be beneficial for people with a range of conditions or those just looking to keep fit.

In addition to the exercises Mukul explained the interactions between your back and the rest of the body. He covered issues of the spine, posture and muscle and joint interaction that can cause pain, as well as methods of preventing this pain. The exercises and information gave participants a take-home method to help their own bodies function better.

The event was a success with over 15 participants who also donated to the Spinal Research Institute and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

Yoga for Youth - 2021

During January 2021 Sam and Mukul ran a month long yoga and exercise class for people aged 8-18. These sessions aimed to develop basic functional fitness and flexibility as well as teaching bodily awareness and breath control.

Mukul ran the Strength and Flexibility Classes that worked to develop basic fitness skills and body flexibility, both of which are integral in improving one’s overall fitness and health. The classes were able to help those with a range of fitness levels, including those playing sport as well as those looking to improve their general fitness. The sessions managed to be challenging, Mukul maintained an emphasis on having fun. 

Sam took the yoga classes, which looked at increasing body awareness through a series of tailored exercises and routines suitable for all participants. They were relaxing and gentle sessions that helped to improve posture in addition to body flexibility and awareness, which aimed to develop a sense of peace in daily life. 

Sweat for CFS - 2020

Sweat for CFS was held on the 27th January 2020 to raise awareness and funds for the CFS Foundation during the incredibly difficult 2019-2020 bushfire season. 

The first session was a restorative Yoga and deep relaxation session run by Vani. The session focused on breath control and body awareness, ending with peace prayers and mantra chanting dedicated to good health and wellbeing.

This was followed by a Strength and Flexibility session run by Mukul. It featured strength training and endurance exercises applicable to beginner and intermediate fitness levels. The class concluded with a progressive relaxation session. 


Generous donations from those who came to the sessions meant that we raised and donated $500 to the CFS.

City-Bay - 2019

In 2019 the Therapia team created a comprehensive 12 week training program for anyone interested in improving their fitness centred around the City-Bay Fun Run. 

The program catered to those with a busy work schedule and lifestyle by providing a simultaneously structured and flexible program that aimed to increase fitness, teach better training habits and injury prevention methods.

It included 12 Fitness Training sessions 1/week (includes cardiovascular fitness training, strength, endurance, yoga stretches) with Physiotherapist, Fitness and Yoga Instructor

an initial dietician consultation, as Initial Physiotherapy Consultation, a follow up physiotherapy session for review, hands on treatment or exercise program development, acces to a support network for sharing regular dietary and fitness tips, an individualised Diet Plan suited to your needs; a home exercise and maintenance program.

All profits from the program were donated to the Little Heroes Foundation and Care Australia, two charities who we strongly believe do great work in our community.