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Community Education

Professional Development (PD) sessions are an integral part of continuing to grow and improve one’s craft, something that we value highly.

In our attempts to raise the standard of healthcare, our practitioners see a great deal of value in attending and presenting PD sessions. 

Giving a presentation to other health professionals requires the presenter to have a firm grasp of the concepts they are discussing, improving their ability to communicate this to patients. This in turn should help the patients better understand their condition and the best practices for optimal self management.

Attending these development sessions gives our team a broader and deeper knowledge base as well as new tools to help treat a range of presentations.  

PD Sessions for Community

Free Your Spine From Neck and Back Pain: Webinar Series

Throughout October and November 2021 we ran free webinar sessions focused on Lumbar and Cervical spinal health. These sessions were designed for both healthcare professionals and patients looking to learn more about their own conditions or injuries. 

Two sessions were run on each topic (lower back and neck pain) and they were very well received by the community! These sessions are part of our campaign to provide extensive education to our clients and the community about common injuries and how the pain associated with them can be alleviated or prevented. As much as anything, we want our client to be able to help themselves by treating their body well and following simple tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle! 

To learn more about this, you can check out more info and find a copy of these webinars through the button below!

Rehab Plus Education Sessions

Throughout May and June Mukul and Marianne provided 4 free information sessions to the general public and health practitioners that discussed the benefits of an active rehabilitation program for sufferers of knee and hip osteoarthritis.

The sessions were informed by current research and the GLA:D Program course that Mukul, Marianne and Sam have undertaken. GLA:D is an evidence based active rehabilitation program for osteoarthritis treatment that has global recognition.

The sessions are also included in the education element of our new Rehab Plus for OA program. This program is designed to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and these sessions aid in informing members of the program, improving their understanding and subsequently their results.

PD Sessions For Physio Students and New Graduates

Here at Therapia Physio & Pilates we are committed to engaging with the wider community, and doing our bit to contribute to the progression of the careers of many aspiring physios and health practitioners. Helping physio students and recent physio graduates is a real passion of Mukul’s, which he has demonstrated through his previous work as a Clinical supervisor and mentor for physiotherapy graduates at UniSA. 

To continue this work in teaching and mentoring the new generation of physiotherapists, Mukul will be offering an extended series of FREE sessions for physios to upskill and learn more about how they can grow their careers. 

These sessions will be running throughout September and will cover hands-on skills, consult structure, communication skills & Practice Life.

UniSA Student Conference Presentation

On the 6th of December Mukul was invited to present as guest speaker at the UniSA Physio Student Conference on the topic of spinal health and career pathways for young physios in this area.

The presentation was focussed on spinal health, specifically how to undertake a spinal rehab program for long-term recovery. Mukul covered a range of spinal disfunctions and their potential causes, and then used this information to inform a case study exercise. In this they went through all the steps a physio should take to make as accurate an assessment as possible and the potential treatment/management options. 

The second part of Mukul’s presentation was on the professional steps and attitudes that graduate physios should adopt to best help them succeed in providing a high level of care as well as achieving career success and happiness.

Mukul regularly works with UniSA to help with final year physio student mentoring and career advice as it is a great way to positively affect the largest number of the next generation of health practitioners, which is a key goal for all of us at Therapia.

Adelaide Olympic Soccer

On the 24th of May Mukul and Sam made a presentation to Adelaide Olympic Soccer Club.

The talk focused on three key muscle groups that most affect soccer player’s abilities to perform and the best solution for problems in these areas. 

The presentation was primarily focused on the prevention of injuries by providing knowledge and strategies to limit the occurrence of injury.



Adelaide Olympic Soccer - Follow Up

Sam returned to Adelaide Olympic in June for a second session to expand on Mukul’s presentation and to answer more questions from the players and coaches.

The presentation recommended that players undertake a self-driven recovery from injury to better identify and manage future injuries, promoting long term health and performance.

We would like to thank Adelaide Olympic for having us and Lauren for her excellent work getting the presentations organised! 

PD Sessions for Health Practitioners

Tennis Elbow

On the 3rd of May Marianne and Mukul provided a professional development session to a group of local General Practitioners and nurses at the Adelaide University Medical Practice about Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow.

The nurses and GPs said that they found the presentation extremely helpful, in particular the demonstration of hands-on assessment techniques.

We would like to thank Dr. Paul Bolton and his team at the Adelaide University Medical Centre for having us and we look forward to being back soon! 

Dry Needling

On the 24th of June Marianne gave a presentation to Sam and Mukul on dry needling. Marianne used evidence from a number of recent journal articles, reviews and meta-analyses to inform the team of the best methods for dry needling and its overall effectiveness. 

This kind of in-depth research helps our practitioners to be more accurate and effective with their treatments, meaning a better end product for you!

We really love to see our practitioners continually learning more about different aspects of physiotherapy and their willingness to empower others to be more knowledgeable and better equipped to treat any number of ailments.

SFFP - Effects of posture

Mukul and Marianne held a session at Southern Fleurieu Family Practice with their practitioner team on how posture can be related to various conditions like: headaches, back pain, bursitis, knee pain, plantar fascitis and more.

They also discussed effective treatments for these conditions including 


SFFP - Active Rehab of Knee + Hip OA

Mukul and Marianne also delivered a presentation focused on the effectiveness of exercises and a structured rehab program (similar to our Rehab Plus program) in treating knee and hip Osteoarthritis.

The session was informed by a large number of collated practical studies on the benefits of an active rehabilitation program for those suffering from knee and hip osteoarthritis.

Posture Podiatry

On Wednesday the 27th of October, Mukul and Marianne were lucky enough to be able to present some of their extensive knowledge on ankle sprains as part of a Professional Development session with our referral partners at Posture Podiatry. 

It was an extremely productive session, including shared treatment ideas which will help ensure that both teams are able to better help their clients with a range of issues! 

We would like to thank Posture Podiatry for organising the session and for their hospitality! We look forward to running many more productive sessions into the future!

PD Sessions for the Team


Helping people return to work is something we put a good deal of importance on at Therapia as it can make a huge difference in the overall quality of life of our patients.

To improve our understanding and skills in this area we organised a PD session with Cassandra Zaina, the clinical physiotherapy advisor for ReturnToWorkSA.  

Her presentation focused on the 2 major things a physiotherapist can provide to a worker returning from injury:

The first is a functional capacity assessment which helps to establish a baseline of what support the patient might need.

Second is a workplace or worksite visit and assessment. This process will help us to understand the patients work conditions and how we can alter them to be safer and better suited to that patients needs.

Cassandra’s presentation was very informative and gave us some additional tools  expertise and advice was very useful for the team, and we are really thankful for her and ReturnToWorkSA for giving their time to help us.

Advanced Neuro Rehab

We were very lucky to have Liz from Advanced Neuro Rehab come and discuss some key assessment tips to keep in mind if someone presents with complaints of dizziness. 

The main focus of discussion was around a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which is a condition that often results in brief feelings of vertigo and possibly imbalance, nausea or vomiting. BPPV can occur following a trauma to the head, if you’ve been unwell and is more common as people age and can sometimes happen spontaneously. This condition is often assessed and then treated with specific manoeuvres, followed by some vestibular rehabilitation.

The team found the presentation informative and useful, and would like to thank Liz and ANR for giving up some of her time to help us. 


On the 16th of April the Therapia team was lucky enough to receive a very informative PD session from Juliet at Bioceuticals. Juliet discussed a variety of supplements regularly used and supplied here at Therapia that some of you may be familiar with, such as Chondrocare, Condroplex, Ultra Clean 85, Theracumin, and Magnesium. 

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Juliet for presenting the PD, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Bioceuticals into the future! 


Posture Podiatry

On the 24th of June Marianne and Mukul attended a professional development session held by Posture Podiatry that focused on the assessment and treatment of flat feet.

The presentation focused on common pathologies associated with flat feet as well as the best methods of assessment and treatment. The talk was informed by the year of practical experience gained by Tom and his team from helping clients from a range of activity profiles.

The knowledge gained from this talk will be of great value to the team. A big thank you goes to Tom from Posture Podiatry for putting a good deal of effort into giving an engaging and informative presentation!  

Upper Limb Real Time Ultrasound

We had the opportunity to host a workshop on ‘Realtime Ultrasound assessment for Upper Limb injuries’ which Mukul and Marianne attended. Ultrasound is a powerful tool for physios, and our team was well trained in the use of ultrasound for the core and lower back, but they have less training in using ultrasound for upper limb conditions. We thought it would be really valuable to add this skill to help to treat patients with upper limb pain more effectively.

This new training can help our team to identify problems much earlier and begin a more targeted treatment  plan. More importantly RTUS is really useful for enabling patient education and muscle training as it helps us to explain with a visual aid what is actually going on.

We would like to thank Peter Esselbach (instructor for the workshop) from Fowler Simmons Radiology for being an amazing teacher and passionate health practitioner.