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Our mission at Therapia Physiotherapy and Pilates is to strive to help as many people as possible by raising the standard of care for everyone through self-development, professional development for the healthcare community and contribution to the community at large. The links below contain a record of our efforts in engaging both healthcare professionals and the general public in order to educate about a range of topics under the physiotherapy umbrella.

We have held public events that provide foundational information and exercises that we hope will lead to a greater understanding of one’s body and health. These sessions double as fundraisers for good causes including the CFS, SAHMRI and SRI. 

Our practitioners also frequently give PD presentations to other healthcare practices and clinics based on the latest research and our practitioners’ own personal experience. This research and presentation strengthens and cements our knowledge and helps us to clarify our communication to our patients. Our practitioner team is eager for more knowledge and as such attends a range of PD sessions to raise their standard of care.

Community Engagement

Our team organises events focused on raising awareness of the benefits of exercise through teaching and active engagement.

Community Education

Our team of practitioners make regular contributions to educating and informing health professionals by hosting PD sessions.