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Pilates for Seniors

One of the biggest causes of lack of mobility and freedom of movement to do the things we love is lack of strength. As we get older, healthy movement is crucial in ensuring balance, fitness and stability. It can help relieve symptoms related with arthritis and even give elder people a good night’s sleep!

Therapia’s Pilates courses for seniors are designed to provide this healthy movement and ensure our clients are as flexible and balanced as possible. Pilates can also help clients develop healthy breathing, as well as patterns of movement, which are both controlled and mindful.

After your initial full body assessment, we can customise your Pilates program to meet your individual goals and needs. Each program will be anchored by the concept of ‘centring’ – channel your physical and mental energy into the core of your body to build stability from the centre outwards. We will help you work thoroughly from the inside out; strengthening your connection with your body each time you make a movement.

Through this focused, rhythmical approach, we can help you realise a number of benefits.

  • Low-impact weight-bearing exercises can help increase bone mineral density and can be done safely for those with Osteoporosis
  • Special equipment provides resistance training to help increase muscle strength and joint integrity
  • Balance and proprioception training help combat the age-related deterioration of the vestibular system – the sensory system which contributes to balance, spatial orientation and coordinating movement
  • Postural intervention helps to extend the upper back, strengthen the hands and feet and assists the motion of walking
  • Strength training has been shown to aid the management of diabetes by increasing muscle mass and number

Our tailored exercise and Pilates program can help you stay strong, energetic and independent, while enabling you to have fun and explore new possibilities.

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