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Pilates/Clinical Exercise Classes


Strengthen your Core and Enhance your Flexibility with Pilates

Pilates is a popular form of exercise, which focuses on the balanced development of the whole body through core strength, flexibility and breathing control. It can be made as easy or difficult as you like depending on your level of experience, capability or injury.

The Benefits of Undertaking Pilates Include: 

  • Increased overall tone, strength and endurance
  • Improved posture and body awareness
  • Decreased pain and stiffness, especially in the neck and back
  • Relaxation and improved breathing efficiency
  • Flatter and firmer abdominal muscles
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased concentration

Prevent Injuries by Incorporating Pilates into your Routine

While strengthening your core is a fundamental benefit of pilates, the exercise regime is also used to improve your postural alignment, reduce pain wherever it may be and improve your strength and flexibility, both internally and externally.

Combining physiotherapy and pilates is an excellent way to treat and prevent injuries.

At Therapia we believe injury prevention is better than a cure. We welcome people at all levels of fitness who want to learn more about their body. We tailor fun programs to increase your flexibility and muscular control. Our aim is to ensure your continued well being.

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Pilates for the Active

Professional athletes of all kinds have discovered that adding Pilates to their training can improve performance, reduce injury, speed recovery and help their hardworking bodies stay balanced and healthy. At Therapia we offer an intensive Pilates course to help amateur, recreational athletes enjoy the same benefits the professionals enjoy.

Our personalised 10-week Pilates programme, carried out in our Pilates studio, allows you to work one-to-one with our Physiotherapists, pushing towards your specific goals through tailored classes. During the course we will provide regular assessments of your improvement, giving you the opportunity to reset, rethink and refine your goals. Our Pilates trainers wouldn’t treat you as a client; rather they would become your training partner, helping you continuously re-evaluate your objectives and monitor your progression every step of the way.

What can I expect from a Pilates class at Therapia?

Pilates is a whole-body exercise system whose key objective is to develop strength, functional flexibility, coordination and balance in athletes who want to improve their skills or return to action following an injury. For this reason, our Pilate courses often start with a series of lumbar stabilisation exercises, building a base of strength and durability for the lower back which can increase flexibility and generate power for throwing or rotational sports. As you move on with the Pilates course, we can incorporate additional challenges on unstable surfaces, increasing the difficulty level while working on balance.

Our staff are keen sports enthusiasts and they will take the demands of your chosen sport into consideration during the Pilates programme. Our courses can analyse the strength, range of motion, coordination and movement patterns, which provide the building blocks for your sporting success. Furthermore, we integrate proper breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment, helping to ensure that your body works smoothly with each movement and the functional mechanics are in place for you to thrive in your specific discipline.

To express your interest in Pilates or to find out more please telephone our Adelaide practice on 08 8221 5011 or email us at

Pilates courses for Seniors in Adelaide

One of the biggest causes of lack of mobility and freedom of movement to do the things we love is lack of strength. As we get older, healthy movement is crucial in ensuring balance, fitness and stability. It can help relieve symptoms related with arthritis and even give elder people a good night’s sleep!

Therapia’s Pilates courses for seniors are designed to provide this healthy movement and ensure our clients are as flexible and balanced as possible. Pilates can also help clients develop healthy breathing, as well as patterns of movement, which are both controlled and mindful.

After your initial full body assessment, we can customise your Pilates program to meet your individual goals and needs. Each program will be anchored by the concept of ‘centring’ – channel your physical and mental energy into the core of your body to build stability from the centre outwards. We will help you work thoroughly from the inside out; strengthening your connection with your body each time you make a movement.

Through this focused, rhythmical approach, we can help you realise a number of benefits.

  • Low-impact weight-bearing exercises can help increase bone mineral density and can be done safely for those with Osteoporosis
  • Special equipment provides resistance training to help increase muscle strength and joint integrity
  • Balance and proprioception training help combat the age-related deterioration of the vestibular system – the sensory system which contributes to balance, spatial orientation and coordinating movement
  • Postural intervention helps to extend the upper back, strengthen the hands and feet and assists the motion of walking
  • Strength training has been shown to aid the management of diabetes by increasing muscle mass and number

Our tailored exercise and Pilates program can help you stay strong, energetic and independent, while enabling you to have fun and explore new possibilities.

To express your interest in Pilates or to find out more please telephone our Adelaide, practice on 08 8221 5011 or email us at

Pilates Pre and Post Surgery

At Therapia we offer a supportive environment that focuses on rehabilitation for pre and post-surgical patients. We understand recovery from surgery can be a long and complex process, so we are here to help you through your journey of recovery.

We offer a 10-week Pilates program tailored to your individual circumstances, your goals and needs. Our clients work with Therapia’s Physiotherapists throughout the program, continually reviewing their progress and refining their objectives to get the most out of each session.

Each Pilates course is modified for the individual, harnessing a number of different rehabilitation techniques to ensure the therapy is sensitive and sympathetic. Through careful assessment and exercise selection, we strive to improve your functional level, manage your pain and get you back to your activities of daily living.

In our treatment rooms we mobilise the joints and soft tissue, helping to reduce pain and improve recovery times while preventing the formation of scar tissue and expanding your range of movement. Then it’s out into the studio where we offer a range of classes comprising yoga and meditation as well as Pilates.

Our staff will be with you at every step of the way: we know the complications, which can result from surgery; we understand how patients can lose strength and movement. Working closely with you, our team can help you rebuild your balance, strength and endurance through guided exercise programmes, which are sculpted with your goals in mind.

For more information about our Pilates classes and our 10-week Pilates program, please contact one of our friendly staff that will be happy to assist you on this journey.

To express your interest in Pilates or to find out more, please telephone our Adelaide practice on 08 8221 5011 or email us at

What springs to mind when you hear the term Clinical Pilates?

If you are familiar with pilates – have attended mat classes, reformer class or HIIT class in Pilates classes in the Adelaide CBD, you might be thinking; “isn’t that the one injured people do?”. 

If Clinical Pilates means rehab to you, you are technically correct. However, this information piece will blow that limited definition out of the water and hopefully get you thinking about how well you know your body. 

If you have read our blog Pilates and Arthritis, you will understand what Pilates is and what Clinical Pilates is within this context. 

But to get you up to speed: 

Pilates is an exercise method using specialised equipment or simply on a mat performed around the fundamental principles of breath, core and postural muscle control, alignment, weight bearing of the extremities and movement integration. 

Clinical Pilates is when this exercise method is utilised to tailor a program based on the goals, capabilities and movement restrictions of that individual. The program is then supervised by a physio with appropriate modifications and progressions provided.

Rehabilitation has for some time been approached as a two step process. 

Phase 1: Heal the body / stop the pain. [one step forward]

Phase 2: Injury prevention / avoiding injuring the same spot. [Avoid one step back]

Instead, what if the steps of rehab were: 

Phase 1: Heal the body / stop the pain. [one step forward]

Phase 2: Build fitness / body awareness. [Another step forward]

Phase 3: Improve performance / improve movement patterns. [RUN forward! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT] 

With this approach, clinical pilates can be picked up at any phase!

So who is an appropriate candidate for Clinical Pilates?

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Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

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