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Hatha Yoga/Clinical Mat Classes

Hatha Yoga

Yoga at Therapia Physiotherapy and Pilates

At Therapia Physiotherapy and Pilates we provide dedicated yoga classes suitable for all ages and fitness levels – including people with recent or ongoing musculoskeletal conditions or injuries.  

Hatha Yoga classes focus on asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), and yoga nidra (yogic forms of relaxation) to welcome calm, strength and a sense of peace into your daily life. Instruction from both Sam and Mukul – Therapia Physiotherapists, are grounded in the values of the yogic tradition. 

What is “Hatha” yoga? 

Hatha is a traditional form of yoga, unchanged for thousands of years. Hatha Yoga is about listening to the workings of the body, creating an inner stillness, and then using the body’s postures and breathing rhythms to drive human energy in specific directions. Hatha Yoga is about balance and equanimity. The word is actually a portmanteau of two ancient words: Ha, meaning the Sun, and Tha, which means the Moon. Combined they produce a form of yoga which balances conflicting forces and centres the body and mind.

What are the benefits of a physio-led yoga class? 

As physios, it is not only our duty of care to understand the individual physical capabilities of each member of the class but our passion to guide our clients personal rehab and fitness journeys step by step. This will invariably encompass an appropriate strength and flexibility program for each client.

From our own, and our client’s experiences however, we strongly believe that yoga has benefits that go far beyond increasing strength and flexibility of the body.

Which is why we are proud to deliver Hatha yoga classes alongside physiotherapy services at Therapia.

What do we mean by “yoga has benefits that go beyond strength and flexibility”?

Yoga is a mind-body-spirit practice which means in its traditional form, the goal of the practice is to build a strong relationship with your body to cultivate a sense of peace in your daily life.  

How does yoga create this “sense of peace”?

Through the breath and through gentle, non-forceful movement.

We often hear that some people’s experience with yoga is that: it is too hard, they aren’t flexible enough, the instructions moved too quickly, or they felt embarrassed or overwhelmed.

Yoga is for everybody and is a personal experience for each individual!

How can you have a personal experience with your body in a group-class environment?

1) Your instructor, and all class members agree to contribute to a safe space of non-judgement. Non-judgement of themselves, of other class members and of everyone outside of the class.

2) The class will be specifically tailored to the capabilities of the individuals in that class.

3) Group size will be capped at 8-10 people

4) Variations and utilisation of assistive props to ensure that each participant feels comfortable, confident and safe during the class.

Important Details and Booking

  • Classes are currently being run on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 10:30am at Therapia Physiotherapy and Pilates, which is located at 25 North Street Adelaide.
  • Sam, one of our dedicated physiotherapists, will be running these Yoga classes which will be tailored to the specific capabilities and experience levels of those in the class

Sam’s yoga training is through the Adelaide Hatha Yoga school Shantarasa, which began with an immersive three-week program at the Shanti Mandir Ashram in Magod, India. Sam has also recently completed the practical component of his Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training here at Therapia, where he ran a six week introductory program which was very well received by the Therapia community!

Price: $23 per class or $190 for a 10 class pack ($19 per class)

Book or inquire via phone, email or online:

(08) 8221 5011

Expressions of interest are welcome! We would love to get in touch to discuss any questions you have regarding your musculoskeletal and health conditions / injuries, or anything about yoga, health or fitness!

We look forward to sharing our love for yoga with you in the near future!

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

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